Thanks to you – our fellow citizens of Columbia County, Brenda finished first in the primary election. However, our work is NOT done yet. We need you to come out and vote on April 03, and we could really use your financial support to assist us in getting the word out. Please check out our new page that can accept donations via Credit Card (and of course, PayPal, should you have one of their accounts.)

Yaskal for Judge yard signs are now available. Please email if you are interested in having one in front of your home or business.

Thank you for visiting the webpage for the Yaskal for Judge campaign committee! We hope that the information you find here is helpful. We feel that Brenda Yaskal is the best candidate for judge here in Columbia County and we’re working hard to see that she’s elected. Brenda has a broad range of work and volunteer experience that makes her especially suited to be a judge. Please take the time to look through her resume, as well as our discussion of why you should vote for Brenda. Thank you and we’ll see you at the polls on February 20!

We need all of you to come to the polls on April 03! If you would like to help get the word out to voters by phone, mail, or email, please email Thank you and we will see you at the polls on April 03!

If you are interested in putting up a yard sign or volunteering with the campaign, please email If you have any other questions or requests, please visit our Contact page.